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    Name of the ad: GIALIAS NIKOLAOS (79446) Photo unavailable
    Looking for: au pair, nanny, babysitter, family day care provider, house manager, gardener, housekeeper, elderly care, special care
    From: Attica - - Greece
    Position starting on: 21 April 2014
    Duration: 6 months
    Είμαστε μια νεαρή οικογένεια σε μας 40 s με ένα παιδί &

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    Iam Ms.Rosa Bella Fragada Abad, I think this site is awesome..Before i didn't believe thst there was site that can really helped people whose needed a job in different country..Until Ive met one friend that she confirmed that this site really helps her to work in her dream country..she's now working to a nice family in greece as a nanny..So I rushed and registered here hoping that I will have a nice family,too..Attention to families,please be my Angel,help me to make my dream come true for my kids.. GOD BLESS TO ALL OF US..

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